Animal Talk is a popular game from August of 2011. It is

Animal Talk
Animal Talk
Animal Talk on Baba's bed.

Type of Game



August 2011


Sammy, Baba, Mommy



the second most commonly played Sammy Game, second only to Sammy Game City. There are several variations, all of which are shown here.


All variations share a similar gameplay- talk. In the original Animal Talk, the animals start up conversations by saying "hi, how are you". Any animals can be used in the original.

Car TalkEdit

In Car Talk, you talk and stuff cars into couch cracks. Usually the car conversations start out the same way as the animals', but everything gets stuffed into a crack somehow.'

Train TalkEdit

Train Talk is the newest Animal Talk. It involves Baba picking a train, Sammy picking his and Mommy's. Often Sammy takes Mommy's and occasionally Baba's trains, forcing them to get a new one. Sammy often steals less when Baba plays.

DUPLO Animal TalkEdit

DUPLO animal talk, along with That Nooby Brick, are the two games that involve DUPLO. Another word
That Nooby Brick

That Nooby Brick, a similar game to DUPLO animal talk.

for DUPLO animal talk is DUPLO Cave, as often DUPLO animal talk involves less talk and more cave building. It is played only less than Animal Talk.

Bunny and ZebraEdit

Bunny and Zebra is another kind of Animal Talk. In B&Z, Mommy gets to have Bunny to talk with and Sammy gets to have Zebra.
Bunny and Zebra

Bunny and Zebra fighting.

However, the animals get switched around a lot and if more animals come it becomes Animal Talk.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Seepies is now "code for Animal Talk", as Mommy says.
  • Bunny and Zebra was created before Animal Talk.
  • Bunny and Zebra started out where the two animals were fighting.
  • Animal Talk and DUPLO animal talk are the two most common games to play.
  • Sammy often tries to bring root beer from the Pooping Alligator Place into Car Talk.
  • Top Bunk is an Animal Talk.