Phgthpt Chase

Phgthpght Chase- poopy fun for all ages!

A chase is a well-known kind of Sammy Game, most famous for Phgthpght Chase, Nana Cheese, and Pirate Sam. They were introduced in 2009 with Chase. They do not have many Sammy Game City roads, if any at all. However, the Tootie Gharial Place is related to Phgthpght Chase. Chases all, as you probably guessed, involve Sammy chasing Baba, and with Phgthpght Chase Mommy and Dada. The most recent Chase is Outfits.

All Chase GamesEdit

Phgthpght Chase

Nana Cheese



Pirate Sam

Mommy Holding Sammy Chase Baba

Here's My Strawberry