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Chuggington is a VERY popular Sammy Game from October 2011. It can only be played with wooden Chugger toys or while Chuggington is on TV. It is the most commonly played game as of October 23rd, 2011.


In Chuggington, trains come up on the screen and Baba and Sammy call them by their renamed names. There are many players, however, as the trains are considered players.

Can't Catch DaEdit

In the first episode, Mr. Noob breaks down and Vee chooses Da to go instead. Da is excited until Vee tells her that she has to bring Bluester and Red Train along. Da speeds off calling Bluester a slow-poke, but soon breaks down. Red Train brings her back to Chuggington while Bluester pulls the train cars to Tootieton.

Red Train and the ElephantEdit

In the second episode, Vee sends Red Train, Bluester, and Da to pick up safari animals. Bluester gets a giraffe, Da gets a monkey, and Red Train gets That Naughty Elephant. Along the way, That Naughty Elephant unhooks his train car with his trunk and Red Train must go get him.

Bluester Knows BestEdit

In this one, Bluester, Red Train, and Da are sent out on a Paying Attention course. Eventually they come to a stone bridge, where Da and Red Train keep going. However, Bluester stays and gets the next clue. He gets to a drive-through theater where an Action Chugger move is playing. Then, Action Chugger himself comes next to Bluester. Bluester goes to get Da and Red Train and all four of them watch Action Chugger's movie.

Red Train and the Ice CreamEdit

more episodes coming soon