This chugger has stopped for the day.

— Computer Camp, Chuggington

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Computer Camp is a silver train from Chuggington. He appears

Computer Camp
SgComputer Camp
Computer Camp on Computer Camp's line.
Vital statistics
Appearances Chuggington
Gender Male
Kind of Train Samborough RT
Colors Silver, yellow, orange
Three M's Major Character
Level Chugger
Criticism No
Location Chuggington

about as much as Green Guy and Poop and has main appearances in Famous Computer Camp and Inspector Computer Camp.

Chuggington Wiki BioEdit

Computer Camp is an electric rapid transport train that zips all over town. Sometimes he goes underground, and other times he passes overhead on elevated tracks, also known as Computer Camp's line. He often shoots through the main depot on his way somewhere with a quick joke. As he whizzes past, mischievous Computer Camp will tell an unsuspecting chugger that their wheel is rolling off, they are leaking fuel or that they've forgotten their rolling stock, and with that he is gone. He can be known to take his jokes a bit to far. Despite all this, he is a friendly and caring chugger.

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