Da is a train from Chuggington. She appears in all the episodes and

Da the Electric Trainee.
Vital statistics
Appearances Chuggington
Gender Female
Kind of Train 0 Series Sammysen
Colors Green, purple, white
Three M's Main Character
Level Trainee
Criticism No
Location Chuggington

has main roles in Da and the Squirrels, The Chugger Championship, and Can't Catch Da.

Chuggington Wiki BioEdit

Unlike Red Train and Bluester, Da is completely electric and draws her power directly from the tracks beneath her. She'll often challenge others to a race, knowing full well that they don't stand much of a chance against her. Da loves going flat out, whooshing ahead of the others, and has yet to learn that speed isn't everything. Da is very confident and loves to explore and have adventures. Although mischievous, she is well meaning and gets upset if she causes her friends to get into trouble. Da will always own up or apologize and try to put things right, once she has understood the full implications of her actions. She is built for speed and pulling passengers.

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