Deet Deets is an early 2011 Sammy Game. It is very similar

Deet Deets
Deet Deets
Sammy does Deet Deets.

Type of Game



April 2011


Baba, Sammy



to Beep Beeps and is is Baba's second favorite Noying. It was the inspiration for Deets are Food, Deets are Beeps, Deets are Da, and Deets are Great. They also make an appearance in Beeps are Bad.


Like all Noyings, the gameplay of Deet Deets is very simple. In Deets, Baba says "deet deet deet" while trying to get Sammy to do them, too. Sammy usually does Beeps. This version of deets is called "Deets Vs. Beeps". However, in Original Deets, both Baba and Sammy do deets.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Deet Deets were the original Noying.
  • Deet Deets were once used to make Sammy smile for a picture.
  • Their Sammy Game City road runs paralell to Beep Beeps Road, showing the similarities between the two Noyings.