Deets are Food is a Deet Deets Song from late 2011. It

Deets are Food
Deets are Food
Sammy sings Deets are Food in the car.

Type of Game



Late 2011


Sammy, Baba



is the first Sammy Deet Deets Song, and the one with the most lyrics. It is sung only less than Deets are Beeps.


Deets are food, deets are food. Otaya is food. We eat otaya food. We eat phgthpght, phgthpght phgthpght phgthpght. And we eat trees trees trees. And we eat... trees trees trees. And we eat AHHCHHHHAHHHH!!!!!

Fun FactsEdit

  • The lyrics to Deets are Food have been changed more than any other song.
  • There is a YouTube video of Deets are Food, shown below
  • The Youtube video of Deets are Food shows a shortened version.
  • Deets are Food-0

    Deets are Food-0

    Sammy sings "Deets a Foo"