Dun-Duns is a very popular Hidies game from 2011.

Daddy throws Baba onto the bed.

Type of Game





Baba, Sammy, Daddy



It is the most popular Hidie and the most common nighttime game. Other names include Clippers V2 and Reverse Throw Game.


In Dun-Duns, Daddy screams "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun" and Sammy and Baba hide. When Daddy tears off the covers, he asks "may I please come to the sleepover party", upon which Baba throws him. He either walks away flailing his arms or picks up Sammy or Baba and "reverse throws" them.

The Kinds of Reverse Throws.Edit

The most common kind for Baba is the "Baba kind", where Daddy picks up the thrown player and holds them with two arms.
Dun-Duns 3

Sammy gets the Baba Kind.

It and the Sammy kind are the original two kinds. Sammy kinds involve getting turned upside-down. Uncle Adam's Dogs kinds are another popular kind. They are the same as Baba Kinds, but Daddy shakes the thrown player. The "retired kind" for Baba is the George Kind, where Daddy does a Sammy kind but causes the thrown player to fall hard onto the floor instead of onto the beanbag. Nana kinds are the same as Baba kinds, but are a bit more leaned down. Cyrus kinds are also possibly retired, they being where Daddy bangs Sammy on his head.

Extended Dun-Duns RoundEdit

Extended dun-duns rounds, which come every two or three throws, involve Daddy doing the dun-duns part of Dun-Duns more.
Dun-Duns 2

A close-up of an unknown kind.

They are disliked by Baba and Sammy, as they take up more time that could be used for Reverse Throws.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Normal throws once caused Baba to be so angry he nearly retired Dun-Duns.
  • Dun-Duns was created in the guestroom inside of Sammy's old crib.
  • It is the most common game to be played at night.
  • They, in a way, have replaced Clippershidies, the original nighttime game system.
  • It has a basement version known as Basement Dun-Duns.
  • The most common game to play with Dun-Duns is I'm Superbaby.