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Dunbar is a mysterious figure from Chuggington. He, along with the Snake

Could this really be mysterious Dunbar?
Vital statistics
Appearances Chuggington
Gender unknown
Kind of Train EMD GP38-2
Colors Purple, yellow, black
Three M's Main (from role),

Minor (from appearances)

Level Leader
Criticism no
Location unknown

Hippo, are the two purple and mysterious trains. Dunbar is the leader of all the Chuggington trains, with Green Guy, Vee, and Snake Hippo directly below him in ranks. He is the only train never seen by Baba and Sammy. Looking for signs of the train has turned into a separate game, called "Dunbar".

Chuggington Wiki Bio

Chuggington has confirmed that Dunbar is a background chugger to be introduced in a newer season. He was first seen in Red Train and the Dinosaur making a cameo and then in Hoot v. Tootie and then in Poop Sails Away. Chuggington said that he may be a brand new chugger.


We have been watching several Season 2 Chuggington episodes. However, something in Hoot vs. Tootie was interesting. While Vee was giving orders to Hoot and Tootie, a purple chugger drove past the machine. It wasn't the Snake Hippo- too small. It could only be the mysterious Dunbar, who we only know from a mention on


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