Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops is a poop game from late 2010.

Gaa-go Peeps and Poops
Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops
Sammy plays Gaa-go in the downstairs bathroom.

Type of Game

Poop game, Beach/Bath game


Late 2010


Sammy, Baba


Active, nearly retired.

It is very simple, and the original poop game. It is also considered a Beach/Bath game, as it is played in bathrooms.


In Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops, Baba says "gaa-go peeps and poops!" to Sammy, in which Sammy replies "NO POOPS!", "NO PEEPS!", or "AND TOOTIES!".

Fun FactsEdit

  • Gaa-go Peeps and Poops has gotten close to retirement more than any other game- every time "no poops" and "no peeps" is said gets it closer.
  • There is an Unofficial drum song called "Gaa-go Peeps and Poops".
  • It was forgotten throughout January to June of 2011.