This is about the pool game. For the bath game, see Jumpies.

Jumpies is a Beach/Bath game created in 2011. It is the first out


Type of Game

Beach/Bath game


June 2011


Sammy, Nana, Daddy



of two games known as Jumpies and the original pool game.


Jumpies is a fairly simple game, in which anyone, usually Nana or Daddy holds Sammy, who is sitting on the edge of the pool, and brings him in. It was invented at the beach and at about the same time as Jiggies.

Fun FactsEdit

  • It was the second game to include Nana.
  • It was the first game invented at Nana, Sammy, Mommy, and Baba's beach vacation.
  • It is played at Sammy's swim lessons.

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