This is about the bath game. For the pool game, see Jumpies.

Jumpies is a bath game introduced in 2011. It is often used

Sammy after an Original Kind.

Type of Game





Sammy, Baba



by Sammy and Baba to pass time while Mommy is taking a shower. There, as of September 2011, are five kinds of jumps.


In Jumpies, Baba climbs to the top of the bathtub and Sammy the bottom and they jump off. Sammy often says "123 go", but Baba does not listen while doing the Villdizs kind. The original kind is described here.

Villdizs KindEdit

The Villdizs kind, also called Vindaharz Jumps, is similar to the original. In the Villdizs kind, Baba and Sammy climb up the bathtub, lean against the wall, and then roar and jump with claw-like hands. It is Baba's favorite kind.

Sophia KindEdit

The Sophia kind, also called Blue Spike Jumps, is Sammy's favorite kind. It is exactly like original jumps but jumpers hold blue "Sophias" and throw them when jumping. It is Baba's least favorite kind, as the Sophias have injured his arm before.

Mr. Michael KindEdit

The Mr. Michael, also called Reading Jumps, kind was only introduced a couple days ago at the time of this article being created and it already has three variations. The original Mr. Michael kind involves sticking a green B around your fingers and jumping with the B. Another variation involves holding books, the third being throwing the books.

Dreidel KindEdit

The Dreidel Kind is a very popular kind. It involves picking up a dreidel and throwing it while making explosion noises. It is a less dangerous version of the Sophia Kind.

Sunglasses KindEdit

The Sunglasses Kind is a kind of Jump. It is the same as the original jumpie but jumpers are wearing sunglasses.

Drum KindEdit

In the Drum kind, also called Beater Jumps, jumpers start out beating the bath with a drumstick, then jump holding the same drumstick. Then, jumpers beat the ground with yet the same drumstick.


There is a decent amount of Jumpies criticism. Most players, like Daddy, believe it will damage the house. However, some players see how it could injure players. The jumps themselves could hurt players' legs, and the Sophia Kind could injure players badly because of the throwing. The "Unique games" forum on has a lot of threads on Jumpies criticism.

Fun FactsEdit

  • It is the second game called Jumpies.
  • Several days ago at the time of this article's creation, there were about thirty kinds.
  • Sammy gets really scared if prepared to jump from the second or top step.
  • Baba created an "Official Jumpies Kit" which includes five Sophias, a pair of sunglasses, a dreidel, a drumstick, the green B, and a bunch of books for Mr. Michael jumps.
  • It is possibly Daddy's least favorite game, as he thinks it will damage the ceiling.