Deet Deets

Deet Deets- the original Noying!

Noyings are a category of games, created in April 2011 with the introduction of Deet Deets. They all involve saying something over and over again. With the exception of Nightlight, all of them are only played by Baba and Sammy. A decent amount of Sammy Game City roads are named after Noyings. The Noyings were originally called Games Where Sam Says Something Over and Over Again, but were changed because of annoying Beep Beeps. The "main five" Noyings are Beep Beeps, Deet Deets, Botchawotts, Sa-sas, and Go SamSams. The most annoying is known to be Screaming Move and Backs.

All Noying GamesEdit

Deet Deets

Beep Beeps



Go SamSams


Move and Backs

Screaming Move and Backs


Screaming Sa-sas

Up and Downs

Screaming Nightlight