Red Train is the main trainee, and so the main character in Chuggington.

Red Train
SgRed Train
Red Train, main character
Vital statistics
Appearances Chuggington
Gender Male
Kind of Train EMD Game Unit
Colors Red, white
Three M's Main Character
Level Trainee
Criticism No
Location Chuggington

He has main appearances in all episodes except Inspector Computer Camp and looks up to Mr. Noob.

Chuggington Wiki BioEdit

Red Train is a lively multi-function engine with lots of enthusiasm, but this eagerness isn't always matched by his ability to pay attention to instructions, so he often finds himself in deep water. For example, he may pay attention to the dispatch board to see which tunnel to take, but as he emerges on the other side, he realizes that he forgot to listen to where he's supposed to be going! Red Train sometimes gets frustrated that he's not as strong as Bluester or as fast as Da, but he just hasn't fully understood his own special talents yet. Red Train has lots of confidence in his everyday surroundings, but is suddenly unsure when presented with something new or unfamiliar.

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