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Sammy Game City, also known as There's, There's and

Sammy Game City
Sammy Game City
The map of Sammy Game City.

Type of Game

Car game, poop game


June 2011


Sammy, Mommy, Baba, Dada



The Neverending Game, is a neverending Car Game. It involves renaming the roads after Sammy Games and looking for buildings and roads.


During Sammy Game City, players drive the car along the map shown on the infobox and look for many special buildings and roads. New special things are added constantly.


Poo is a house off Sammy's New Baerb road. It is perhaps
Sammy Game City 10

Poo House, and all its poopy glory.

the most major Special Thing. It is very rarely seen, as the Main Driving Area (Read to Sam Road to Pee Pee in the Potty, also to Dada Monster Road and Sa-Sas Road) does not reach out to it. It, along with Pee Pee in the Potty, Beep Beeps Road, and the Pooping Alligator Place can be considered the symbols of Sammy Game City.

Pee Pee in the Potty

Pee Pee in the Potty is a large building off the Bedtime Song Interstate. It is seen the third most of all the special things, only beaten by Wendy's and
Sammy Game City 8

Pee Pee in the Potty view from Clippers Road.

Watch Baba Time Road. It is commonly seen because it is part of the Main Driving Area. Sammy is sick of it.

Pooping Alligator Place

The Pooping Alligator Place, in the real world known as Wendy's, is a restaurant off Dada Monster Road. It is the most commonly visited place by Mommy. Sammy describes it to have alligators that you can throw poop at or feed poop. They sell poopburgers, poop fries, and poopin' nuggets. It is at the edge of the Main Driving Area.
Sammy Game City 7

The Pooping Alligator Place of Dada Monster Road.


Wendy's is the SGC name for any small building off the side of a road. The main Wendy's is on the Sa-Sas Road exit from the Bedtime Song Interstate. Wendy's and the Pooping Alligator Place are often confused by Sammy and Daddy. Wendy's is the second most recently added Special Thing, only being added at the end of July 2011.
Sammy Game City 3

The Wendy's off Sa-Sas Road.

Peeping Crocodile Place

The Peeping Crocodile Place, in the real world known as KFC, is a restaurant across Dada Monster Road from Wummerton's. It is known for its pizza (main locations also, in the real world, being Pizza Hut) and its pee-pee drinks. It was added in the middle of July.
Sammy Game City 4

A Baby Army Van parked in front of the Dada Monster Road Peeping Crocodile Place.

Beep Beeps Road

Beep Beeps Road is a special road- it has a 32 foot snakey under it. Other common residents that appear in Sammy Game City include Triggah Krump, Goan Alisk, and the Silly Hippos. It is driven on nearly every day, being part of the Main Driving Area.
Sammy Game City 12

Several cars disobeying the BeepGuards on Beep Beeps Road.

Tootie Gharial Place

The Tootie Gharial Place, in the real world known as Arby's, is the second least visited Special Thing. There is a small gharial tank inside of it, which you can tootie on. It is known for its food, which people tootie on. The Beep Beeps Snake describes it to be "surrounded by an aura of tootie smell."
Sammy Game City 5

The Tootie Gharial Place.

Watch Baba Time Road

Watch Baba Time Road and Sa-Sas Road are connected, but WBT Road is surrounded in forest. Whenever Baba and Sammy see the power lines above WBT Road, they scream "WATCH BABA TIME ROAD!" It, along with Beep Beeps Road, Snake's Eyes, Wendy's, and the Train Place are the only non-toilet-related special things.
Sammy Game City 11

Watch Baba Time Road, hidden behind the trees.

Train Place

The Train Place is possibly the least-known Special Thing. It is located right off Clippers Road and is slightly larger than Pee Pee in the Potty. It and Pee Pee in the Potty are often confused by Baba. It was added a couple days after Wendy's.
Sammy Game City 9

The Train Place behind a rainy window.


Wummerton's (in the real world known as Einstein Bros. Bagels) is seen just as often as the Pooping Alligator Place- and Mommy actually gets Wummy food. It is the only Dada Monster Restaurant that's not Potty Stuff themed. It is right across from the Peeping Crocodile Place and right next to the Pooping Alligator Place.
Sammy Game City 6


Snakes' Eyes Inn and Suites

Snakes Eyes Inn and Suites is the least seen Special Thing, being on the other side of the map from Pee Pee in the Potty. It is on Waspies Road. It has only been seen once, ever. It is, in the real world, a large church.

Fun Facts

  • Daddy once nearly retired it, causing Sammy to believe the Pooping Alligator Place was Wendy's. This led to the creation of Wendy's.
  • Although Publix and CVS Pharmacy are seen on the map, they are not counted as special things.
  • Although Hides Road, on the map, makes up most of Downtown SGC, in the real world Hides Road is surrounded by trees.
  • Waspix Road was meant to be drawn in the shape of a waspix.
  • On the map, the YMCA, also not counted as a special thing, is on the wrong road. It should be on Sa-Sas, but it's on Sammy's Lawnmower Races Road.
  • On the map Sammy's New Baerb Road is facing the wrong way.
  • When you leave Poo, you go off the map. However, there are no dragon kingdoms like the map says.
  • There is no Xal Shop in SGC.
  • The Poopy Places on Dada Monster Road aren't shown on the map.