Sammy Hide is a Hidie from late 2011. It is one of three games

Sammy Hide

Type of Game



August 2011


Sammy, Daddy, Mommy, Baba



used to pass time while Mommy is taking a shower, the others being Jumpies and Noobs' Nooby. It was originally a part of Hidies, but when Hidies was retired it became a separate game.


Sammy Hide is a fairly simple Hidie. In it, Baba, sometimes Mommy, and sometimes Daddy count to 20 and look for Sammy. In Sammy Hide, he always hides in the bathtub.

Fun FactsEdit

  • On Baba's picture of, one of the "Is it True"s was "could Sammy Hide really get retired".
  • Baba really wants to retire it, but Mommy and Sammy are preventing him from doing so.
  • Before hiding, Sammy says "I'm hiding in Mama's bathtub".
  • SammyHide is a user on SamLand from Whalee's Pretend World. SH makes Sammy Games games.

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