Scream the Loudest you can for Real is a screaming game

Scream the Loudest you can for Real
Scream Really Loudly
Sammy plays SLR while at the Tootie Gharial Place.

Type of Game

Screaming Game


Early 2011


Sammy, Baba, Mommy


Active, nearly retired

from early 2011. It, as a screaming game, is very simple, possibly even more so than Otaya.


In SLR, Baba says "scream the loudest you can for real" and Sammy either screams or screams very softly. It was the second screaming game, second to Scream Really Loudly.

Fun FactsEdit

  • SLR usually doesn't get Sammy to scream.
  • It was invented while going to Poo.
  • It is nearly the exact same thing as Scream Really Loudly.