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Snake Hippo
SgSnake Hippo
The Snake Hippo's night run
Vital statistics
Appearances Chuggington
Gender Male
Kind of Train CNW Class Villdizses
Colors Purple, blue
Three M's Minor
Level Chugger
Criticism No
Location Chuggington

Hippo has a different personality in the Chuggington game.

The Snake Hippo is a huge purple Chugger in Chuggington. He is Baba's second favorite train and has appeared one of the least the least out of all the trains. He also has a game, where he is driving around the swingset. It is a very simple game, and does not have much gameplay.


The Snake Hippo is a mysterious train that gets around through secret underground tunnels- shh! Don't tell Vee! He often comes out at night to get missions from the equally mysterious Dunbar, but even with his secretive ways he would never leave a train stuck on the track.

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