Soccer Goalie is a Unique game from October 2011. It is one of Sammy's

Soccer Goalie

Type of Game



October 2011


Sammy, Baba, Mommy or Daddy



favorite games and is often played more than a few nights in a row. It can only be played in Sammy's room and was created the same night as The Tootie-ing Balloon. It was first hinted by Morg10 on the last day of September 2011.


In Soccer Goalie, there are three players who take turns kicking twice. However if the ball does not get close to the door, called a BookShelf Kick, the player gets another try. The "goal" is the area around the door and the door.

Fun FactsEdit

  • It nearly got retired due to Mommy kicking two more times after a BookShelf Kick instead of one more time.
  • It is possible Morg10 gave Sammy the idea for Soccer Goalie, as Morg10 said in an interview "I meant to make That Guy and Soccer Goalie a trick, but now it's only That Guy".