This is about the Unique game. For the song, see I'm Superbaby

Superbaby is one of the first games.


Type of Game





Sammy, Baba, Mommy



It was created at around the same time as Sam and the Baseball Guys, being one of the few 2008 games. It was the inspiration for Captain Bankee, Superbaby Swingies, and I'm Superbaby.


In Superbaby, Sammy is held by Mommy with a blanket around his neck and he tries to rescue the people in trouble before Baba and Superdog. Usually, Superdog gets to people first, but Superbaby usually blocks him from getting the last one. Superbaby is probably the most complicated game from 2008.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Superbaby was not played throughout 2010 and some of 2009.
  • It has its own YouTube video shown on the front page, however some Whalee's Pretend World characters believe that video is for I'm Superbaby.
  • Superbaby does not appear in Captain Bankee, however Bankee's idea was taken from Superbaby.

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