The Tootieing Balloon is a rare, popular game from October 2011. It involves Daddy blowing up a balloon and then letting it go, causing either a Poop, a Hiccup, a Burp, a Sneeze, or a Tootie. It is one of the few newer games to not be Unofficials with criticism.


In TTB, Daddy, Baba, Sammy, and Mommy gather on Mommy's bed to play. Daddy gets the balloon to blow up and either does a Poop, Hiccup, Burp, Sneeze, or Tootie with the balloon. Mommy, Sammy, and Baba attempt to catch the balloon, unless it is a Poop or Hiccup.


In Poops, the funniest kind, Daddy takes the balloon and just drops it on the ground or throws it at Sammy. Some fans have wanted to rename the throwing kind Peeps, but most fans disagree. They are the most common TTB kind, as about 5 Poops equal even a Sneeze.


Hiccups, very similar to Poops, are where Daddy barely blows up the balloon so it doesn't make any noise. Any hiccup that makes noise is a Burp.