Build a Word

Many games, such as Build a Word, get Unofficials after their retirement.

Unofficials are games that are not considered games by Morg10 and the Ultistaff, and so are not on They are, however, often played and are considered games by Sammy. Some famous Unofficials include Daddy Build a Word, Piano Concert, Hey Hey How Old are You, and Cry 'N' Throw. The main Unofficials are talked about below.

Hey Hey How Old are YouEdit

Hey Hey How Old are You is a famous Unofficial Song. It is sometimes played with drums and has many variations, including "Hey Hey How old is Poo" and "Hey Hey Um". It, along with Da-Was and Gee-down With Sammy, originate from Sammy's preschool.

Cry 'N' ThrowEdit

Cry 'N' Throw is a famous Unofficial Unique. It involves Sammy making Fake Crying noises and throwing stuff on the ground. It is the only game that gets Sammy in time-out.

Piano ConcertEdit

Piano Concert is another famous Unofficial Unique, or Double U for short. It is also considered a song. In it Sammy plays the piano or the Little Piano and sings songs like "Soap", "Down by the River", "Gee-down with Sammy", and "I Like Horsies".

Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops SongEdit

Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops

The game which the Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops Song was named after.

The Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops Song, sometimes called "Gaa-go Pees and Paerps" is a Drum Song named after Gaa-Go Peeps and Poops. It is also played on the piano.

Daddy Build a WordEdit

Daddy Build a Word is an Unofficial Song, where Daddy sings stuff like "let's manufacture a word" and "let's make a word", but never the correct form.

Deets Vs. BeepsEdit

Deets Vs. Beeps is famous because it is the only Unofficial that has gotten retired. It involved Baba doing Deet Deets and Sammy doing Beep Beeps at the same time, rising to Scream Really Loudly noise level. It got retired after Sammy started doing Deets again.

I'm a HorsieEdit

I'm a Horsie is a not-very-well-known Piano Song. It is also played on the drums sometimes, and is most likely the least common game to play. Although the original says "I'm a horsie" it has recently been changed to "Horsie Song" and "I Like Horsies".

I'm Superbaby SongEdit

I'm Superbaby is a Drum Song based on "I'm Superbaby", a Song Game. It is very similar to the Song Game, except it is slowed down to the speed of Sa-Sas.
I'm Superbaby

I'm Superbaby, which the I'm Superbaby Song was named after.

It is the only Unofficial Song besides Down By The River to have a motion- flapping wing motions.

Down By The RiverEdit

Down by the River, usually known as I Shot My Baby, is a fairly new Song, sometimes considered an official Song Game. It involves listening to the "Down By The River" song by Neil Young really loudly in the basement while running around in circles making I'm Superbaby wing motions.